Hair Transplant  Cost


Hair transplant costs depend on multiple factors


Costs for hair transplantation range from $3500-$10000 per session, depending on the experience of the surgeon, the complexity of the problem (primary vs. secondary or tertiary transplant) and the number of grafts involved.  Some patients like to hear per graft costs, because then they can compare different quotes they've received and pick the "best deal".  Charging by the graft can be confusing too because the number of grafts does not correlate to the number of hairs - i.e., one graft in the crown can have 4 hairs in it as opposed to a graft with a single hair in it for the frontal hairline.  Also, the more grafts placed doesn't necessarily mean that they'll all survive.

You should focus on realistic results. The key is to understand how many hairs and sessions it would take to create a fuller, natural hairline.  Our average sessions involve ~2000-2500 grafts in men and ~1800 to 2200 grafts in women

















While most centers charge the patient by the graft, I think this is a big mistake.  When charging this way, the doctor may be have financial incentive to make bad decisions that are not in the best interest of the patient.  The so-called mega sessions (>3000 grafts) have several pitfalls.

1.    The donor incision needs to be overly long (extend too far in the temple area) so it is visible, or overly wide.  A wide excision produces excess strain on the incision itself and eventual widening of the scar.  Again, it will be visible.

2.    You have a time (~4-6 hours) that the grafts are optimally viable.  If you drag the session out all day, the grafts have been out of the body for too long and survival goes down. 

3.    You can only pack the hairs in so tight.  When transplanting single follicular units, if you try to get the hairs in too tight or dense, they just start popping out and graft survival goes down.  It's better to come back and thicken the area up with a second session.

Remember, what good is a 4000 graft session if survival is 50% and the scar is visible.  For these reasons, I charge by the session.  I guarantee we will get more than 2000 grafts in a session or I will refund some of your money.  In a typical session we transplant somewhere between 2000 and 2500 grafts.  My fee is 6400 E per sesión.. Though cost is a major concern for patients, don't skimp a few hundred dollars for someone who makes you uncomfortabl


In Addition:


What I truly believe you are paying for is a result with a range of hairs (not grafts).


What is even more important than # of grafts is how the grafts are angled, shingled, layered, and distributed. If you line up hair after hair in rows that are straight up, you will have a result that will look just slightly fake, decrease visual density and result in less than spectacular results. Artistry of knowing 


where can be maximally placed and distributed for maximal effect is huge. Do they go evenly throughout or do you focus on areas like the central forelock, part, hairline, etc. based on patterns of hair loss , and provide greater relative density there? Effective distribution of hair grafts is critical.


the success of a result is based on the entire team. if the team is outsourced or occasional, you may not get consistent results , If the bulb is squeezed, left to dry out, etc. the result can be kinky or sparse growth. If the graft is placed just slightly too high you can get poor growth or cobblestoning. Just at the level of the skin will cause the graft to fall in and pit. The team is critical.