It is hard to figure out what i should pay for a hair transplant procedure.  even price ranges would be helpful at this stage.  I thank you for this information.


How Long Until I Can Work out After Hair Transplant Surgery?
I had hair transplant one month ago. Can I go to the gym and workout (gym exercises) now? Please tell me.  


I had a hair implant of about 2,400 follicular unit extraction (FUE) grafts febrery  2011. New hair is now visible in the frontal area, but it is sparse and I'm unhappy with the looks. Though most of the grafts were put in the frontal area of head, where so far I haven't seen any growth or changes. I'm now near the 6th month after surgery. What can I expect from this point on? What are my chances of having further improvement?

Which of the procedure is better for Hair transplant: Follicular unit extraction or strip hair transplant?


 What kind of side effects are possible with hair transplant surgery? Could your real hair end up falling out?  


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April 22, 2013

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