Which of the procedure is better for Hair transplant: Follicular unit extraction or strip hair transplant?


Follicular unit extraction and strip harvesting are both legitimate methods of harvesting hair for follicular unit grafting. Both procedures produce excellent results. The best method will depend on your needs, your budget, and your ability to deal with scars vs. Thinning. The strip method has been around longer and is the most common method of hair transplantation.
The benefits are you can move more hair per procedure at a lower cost and the outcome is remarkable. The only negative I see is you are left with a linear scar in the donor site, which is typically not recognizable unless you shave your head.
Benefits of FUE's would be in the donor site. Instead of having a linear scar it would leave tiny little "dots." But again these are not visible unless you were to shave your head.
It also depends on the bald area that needs coverage. Concerning the area, small areas (i.e. patches) may only need a few hundred grafts and obtaining the hair by FUE may be a very reasonable method. If there is a large area of bald scalp that needs coverage then I am of the opinion that obtaining a strip is a better method and yields more grafts.

Both techniques have advantages and disadvantages. Below are the pros and cons of each:
Follicular Unit Extraction
• no linear scar on the back of the head
• almost limitless donor especially if body hair can be used
• time intensive sometimes requiring several days to complete a large case
• lower individual graft survival rate (75% vs 90%)
• cost usually 50% higher per graft
Follicular Unit Grafting
• more time efficient
• higher individual graft survival
• linear scar on the back of the head (usually not noticeable)
I don't think this is an issue of one being better or worse than the other technique, but rather a question of which technique is right for individual patient problems. I feel FUE is best suited to very young patients (teens or early 20's) with an unpredictable future pattern of hair loss, people who want to shave or cut their hair very short, and those who can't tolerate the risk of a scar. I still think FUG is the treatment of choice and the gold standard against which other techniques should be compared.